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Phuket’s Splash Jungle Water Park is situated alongside the charming Mai Khao Beach. It stands out as a important destination in southern Thailand, offering a unique experience of wet and exhilarating thrills. This unique water park offers a wonderful day out for families with children, as it has 12 exciting water slides, rides, and attractions.
The Phuket’s Splash Jungle Water Park also pays special attention to safety. And this is evident from the fact that you can see professional lifeguards always on your side, making sure that visitors have a fun and at the same time being safe.
splash Jungle Water Park

Location of Phuket's Splash Jungle Water Park

It is located near Phuket International Airport and part of the Grand West Sands Villa Phuket. Those staying at the hotel are able to enjoy all the park’s fun activities at a discounted rate. Don’t worry! Even for those not staying at the hotel, the ticket prices to the park are affordable. Due to its affordable price, everybody is able to enjoy the water thrills. Also, the attractions and food and drinks available in the park are reasonable.

The main highlight of Splash Jungle Water Park

Splash Jungle Water Park is well-known for its thrilling rides, specially the heart-stopping Boomerango and the exciting Superbowl. Not to forget the six-level wave pool that attracts visitors daily to this destination. The Splash Jungle Water Park’s theme rides pay honor to various cultures and landscapes, including the ancient Mayans, Northern European architecture, Turkey, and the beautiful vibrant culture of Africa. One of the highlights of Splash Jungle Water Park is the minimal queues, no more than 2 or 3 people in a ride. This ensures a perfect experience for visitors. Among the most popular rides is the Lazy River, where guests can simply grab an inflated tube and float along the 335-meter long stretch, and it is pushed by a gentle current.
splash Jungle Water Park 1
splash Jungle Water Park 2

For those seeking an adrenaline rush

For a thrill down your spine, the Boomerango ride is a must-try. It features a steep drop followed by rising up a vertical wall and then a dramatic splashdown. In the same way, the Superbowl ride offers a thrilling experience as riders are introduced into the Superbowl, they are kept high on the wall by a force, and then end in splashing down the pool.

The precautionary measures taken in Splash Jungle Water Park

Safety is one of the main concerns of the authorities at Splash Jungle Water Park. The park has a dedicated team of well-trained lifeguards to ensure all is fine and the environment is safe for all. The park includes free life jackets to young visitors and those who cannot swim. Not to forget the height restrictions, which are strictly followed and enforced on each ride of the park.
splash Jungle Water Park 3
splash Jungle Water Park 4

Cafes & Bar at Splash Jungle Water Park

To have a fun day, it is better to arrive early in the park. The park opens at 10.00am in the morning. At an extra cost also transfers are available to and from the water park. There is a café called Coconut Café, visitors can relax and enjoy here Thai dishes, burgers, hot dogs, and refreshing drinks. There is also a bar called the Splash Bar, visitors can enjoy here mocktails and fresh fruit smoothies, simply relaxing near the poolside tables and chairs of the bar.

Ticket Prices at Splash Jungle Water Park

splash Jungle Water Park 5

Are you ready for a thrilling day of fun and relaxation?

If you are hoping to visit this Splash Jungle Water Park, you should try to book in advance, so that your entry is guaranteed and you save time by not having to wait in the long queues in the counters.
At Splash Jungle Water Park, there are lots of thrilling rides, slides to the pools, kid’s aqua play area and the serene lazy river. You can also enjoy a wide of exciting attractions.
Don’t miss the opportunity! It’s time to get ahead of the queues and spend most of your time in the water.
Splash Jungle Water Park, located in the gorgeous Mai Khao Beach on Phuket, let’s visitors of all ages to enjoy a full day of thrilling actvities. Whether you’re enjoying family-friendly attractions, moving down tall slides, revolving in the Superbowl, or sailing in the lazy river, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at this exhilarating water park.

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