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Terms & Conditions

www.thailandtourexpert.com is owned by Ayagya Holidays Pvt Ltd a company incorporated under the provisions of the companies act, 1956.
The customer’s (“you/ your/ traveller”) use of the Website, services and tools are governed by the following terms and conditions (“Terms of Use”) including the applicable policies which are incorporated herein by way of reference and constitutes a valid agreement between you and Ayagya Holidays Pvt Ltd.
If you transact on the Website, you shall be subject to the policies that are applicable, as displayed on the Website for such transaction. Your use of this Website constitutes your binding obligation and agreement to all such terms, conditions, and notices which are subject to amendment without any notice by Ayagya Holidays Pvt Ltd. Any usage of the Website is subject to the following Terms of Use:

Content usage & Limitation:

When you use www.thailandtourexpert.com website, it’s your responsibility to be careful with the information and materials. The company Ayagya Holidays Pvt Ltd is not responsible for any problems that may arise. Make sure that anything you get from the website meets your needs.
You’re not allowed to change, copy, share, or sell any information, software, products, or services from the website. Reproducing content from the website is not allowed, except as mentioned in the copyright notice in the Terms of Use.
If you use the website inappropriately, you could be legally responsible and may have to pay for any damages. Ayagya Holidays Pvt Ltd can change or delete content without telling anyone in advance.

Editorial Codes of Conduct

As a travel agency with a wide readership in India and around the world, we know we have a big impact. At Ayagya Holidays Pvt Ltd, we make an effort to conduct our business in a lawful and ethical way. This means being honest and fair in everything we do and treating everyone with respect. It’s a fundamental part of our values and our strong commitment to excellence. Following the rules and acting ethically isn’t just good for our employees, partners, and the world, but it’s also good for our business.
Virender Singh, CEO, Ayagya Holidays Pvt Ltd

Note: Ayagya Holidays Pvt Ltd doesn’t take credit for images on our blog unless stated otherwise. We respect the copyright of visual content and try to link back to the original sources. If you own the rights to any images and don’t want them on our site, please let us know, and we’ll remove them promptly. We believe in giving proper credit to the original creators.

Third party websites:

The website has materials that belong to or are licensed to Ayagya Holidays Pvt Ltd. This includes things like the design, layout, appearance, and graphics. Occasionally, the website may have links to other websites for your convenience and additional information. These links don’t mean we endorse those websites. We, along with our contractors, agents, owners, and employees, aren’t responsible for the content or policies of those linked websites. Please take some time to understand them as well.

Limitation of liability

When you make a booking, Ayagya Holidays Pvt Ltd is a platform that helps you book services and products. The Travel Agent or Service Provider is responsible for carrying out and performing the services, not Ayagya Holidays Pvt Ltd. So, the main agreement for the service is between you and the Travel Agent or Service Provider.
You should be aware of the following:
Ayagya Holidays Pvt Ltd and its related entities won’t be responsible for any losses if your visa is rejected or if there are policies from third-party service providers, like hotels, that result in cancellation. It’s your responsibility to make sure your passport is valid for international travel. Ayagya Holidays Pvt Ltd and its related entities won’t be liable if your passport is deemed ineligible for entry or exit before or during your international travel

Force Majeure:

Ayagya Holidays Pvt Ltd, along with its related entities, won’t be held responsible or considered in default for any inability to perform or delays in performing its duties, either in part or in whole, if the performance is made impractical due to events beyond its control. These events may include acts of war, terrorism, riots, government actions, natural disasters, strikes, or other unforeseen circumstances (“Force Majeure”). Both you and Ayagya Holidays Pvt Ltd will make their best efforts to address and offset the effects of any Force Majeure event. Once the Force Majeure situation ends, the Terms of Use will be fully applicable again. However, this doesn’t excuse you or Ayagya Holidays Pvt Ltd from the obligations that arose before the Force Majeure event occurred.

Your Responsibility:

We appreciate your feedback, but you are entirely responsible for what you share, including reviews on this website or about Ayagya Holidays Pvt Ltd on other platforms like social media. Please refrain from posting any content that is illegal, threatening, defamatory, untrue, obscene, or harmful to Ayagya Holidays Pvt Ltd’s reputation.

Contact Us:

For any questions or comments, including concerns about copyright infringement, please email us at customercare@ayagyaholidays.com.
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